Welcome one and all! I have been creating sites for years for school and university clubs, family businesses, and have worked with others on development for their websites. I have been playing with HTML and CSS since the 90’s, and finally looking to take my skills to the next level.

I am experienced in Front-End Web Development, mostly working with HTML5, CSS3, and the WordPress Content Management System, and have experience in using basic SEO, or search engine optimization, with long-tail keywords and inbound marketing best practices. I specialize in creating websites and contact forms for small businesses using WordPress.

I am also an experienced graphic designer. My previous job required me to make and customize auto racing suit and helmet designs, all custom orders specified by the client, and worked with a factory in France to fabricate the finished product. There are a number of race car drivers in the International Motor Sports Association who have worn my suits and helmets for their races. Since starting my own business five years ago, I have needed those skills in graphic design to create my own business related media.

I have recently begun learning Python programming, Back-End Web Development with Django, and the Kivy library to create cross-platform mobile apps using Python.

Email me at zoommair[@]gmail.com to get started on your website today!